Stability and security to ensure your company’s productivity.

Neobox is a mobile wifi solution that allows your company to make the data transaction in a safe and practical way. It consists of a neocontrol web system that allows total management of equipment in a centralized and remote manner. Neobox provides 3G / 4G connections for emergency moments in case the main link fails, ensuring high productivity without interruptions.

Data Protection

The product allows secure access between your company’s headquarters, branches and home office, ensuring the protection of your data as it travels over the network. Neobox creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which works as a firewall, preventing the action of cybercriminals and the leakage of important files.

Easy Installation

With Neobox there is no complication! In a few minutes, some basic configurations are made and the equipment is ready for use.

 Compact Equipment

Is your company small and wouldn’t it fit a large hardware? Our equipment is compact, ideal for any type of environment, generating the optimization of your space.

Cost benefit

You don’t need to pay more for private and dedicated links. Neobox promotes secure connectivity at a low cost.